Kayra Atasoy is a photo artist and cinema student based in Turkey. Kayra uses analog photography as an outlet to express and explore her own identity as well as something that stands for all young people. Her project Blame The Youth stands for youth culture,subcultures and freedom.

The young people in Turkey, on whom every segment of the society throws the blame, just want to feel free. This pushed her to document these moments, therefore, she came up with the name of the project, Blame the Youth, and its subtext. Her photographs reflect the young people and their stance together. The young people who created their freedom everywhere and stand against the society. In the late nights, when time doesn’t matter and all the boundaries are lifted, there is an opportunity for everyone to find their true selves. In these magical moments, she tries to find her identity through taking photographs.

Latest Releases

Coeval Magazine
September 15, 2017

Turkish documentary photographer Kayra Atasoy, discusses her Berlin inspired project ‘Blame the Youth’ which brings together rave culture, techno music and rebellion that is contained within T...

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